Why not just go to a bank

Why Not Just Go To a Bank?

To your current Bank? Which Bank? Which Product?   Is going directly to a bank the best choice when there is so many options out there… 

There are so many banks out there – did you know Australia has access to 53 banks!    With so many choices there is bound to be one that suits you right??  But even if you fit many lenders policy’s is it the most suitable deal for you?  Is the Interest rate competitive??    More importantly do you have the time to read through and interpret bank policy, LVR’s and compare interest rates and fees? 

That is where a mortgage broker (also known as ‘Lending Superhero’) will steer you through the complexities to find a loan that’s suitable to your needs.  An Unlocked Mortgage Broker will use their knowledge, industry experience, software and platforms to present you with a few options then work with you to submit your loan application with the chosen lender.  An Unlocked Broker will be with you every step of the way from opportunity, to approval, to settlement and thereafter. 

Basically, an Unlocked Broker makes finding the right solution for your lending easier.  To book an appointment with an Unlocked Broker call 1800 286 562.