Equipment Finance
Equipment Finance
Equipment Finance Loans in Toowoomba, Brisbane Made Easy by Professional Brokers

Equipment Finance is used to fund the purchase of specific categories of equipment and machinery.

Equipment Finance options allow 100% asset value of an item. Some common reasons for sourcing equipment finance include the purchase of computers, machinery, vehicles, and almost any equipment required for business operations.

When you hear about equipment finance, the term Commercial Hire Purchase or CHP comes along. Under the agreements of CHP, the financier needs to buy a particular asset on the customer's behalf. The customer can only have full possession of the asset against regular payments until the last payment is done. The residual payment must also be made by the customers for asset transfer. Customers can also enjoy the option for trading the asset for a new thing. You can also take a loan facility for the residual payment when you will probably not be in the place for paying out the balloon payment.

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Max loan term is 7 years.*
Financial support up to 100% of the asset value and deposits can be used too.*
Tax deduction is valid on interest payments as well as depreciation when used for income producing purposes.*
Input tax credits are available if it is GST registered.*
* Applications for credit are subject to the financier's normal credit assessment criteria. Fees or charges may apply. Full details of all product terms and conditions are available upon request. Any taxation information provided is only general in nature and does not constitute tax advice, nor is it necessarily applicable to your particular circumstances. Farm Machinery Finance strongly recommends that you consult with your accountant, financial advisor and lawyer to determine the most suitable lending option for your particular circumstances and whether any particular taxation laws, obligations or benefits may apply to you.
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Equipment Finance