Low doc Loans
Low Doc Loans
Are you looking for a fast and effective option for your finance solution? Our Low Doc Loans are meant for those who are looking for such a lending option.
What’s the best part of Low Doc Loans?
You certainly need to submit your recent financial statements and account proofs for any business loan when you are about to purchase a new asset. Based on the business circumstances or the year you have chosen for the loan also matter in this case.

However, Low Doc Loans do not need any such evidence. As the name indicates, the approval for this particular loan does not need too many documents. Instead, it's a fast track process where you need to submit very few documents for streamlining the assessment process.

Before you proceed with the decision of taking a Low Doc Loan, Unlocked Finance Pty Ltd suggests you to have a proper consultation with an accountant or financial advisor for understanding the features, terms and conditions of such loans more vividly. We provide your accountant with all the required product information for you to ensure that one can make a proper decision.
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