Company Overview

Our journey of becoming a Leading Finance and Mortgage Broker in Brisbane, Toowoomba Relationships. Collaboration and Innovation.

Over a decade, Director Sam Benz has offered finance and lending solutions, building relationships, and collaborating with banks, accountants, and businesses to assist in finding the right loan product for his clients. Those trusted relationships have been formed and are built on both integrity and results.

The Unlocked Finance Group has been just like that. Unlocked has a core adage of FOCUS on one thing. Do it well Repeatedly. Become the expert. By focusing on just lending Unlocked has been noted as one of the fastest growing finance and mortgage broking firms of Toowoomba and is home to some of the most skilled and qualified Finance and Mortgage Brokers in the region.

Focusing purely on the finance and lending solutions required by individuals but across a range of services such as home lending, agriculture, business, and equipment finance whilst nation wide ranging from Melbourne, Perth, and Cairns, it’s the region of Toowoomba that we like to call home.

When you utilise the Unlocked Services, you gain the expertise of the entire team. Collaboration between not just our brokers but with our banks sets Unlocked apart from our competitors, we utilise our database of over 60 lenders to ensure that you can have access to a range of options. Having been in the industry several years but youthful enough not to be set in our ways and to continually innovate in a fast-changing lending world.
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