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Simple Savings  

Simple Savings in a Caffeine Filled Cup.

Whenever we focus on savings it often can seem like a daunting experience and we often focus on the big things that we are going to miss out on because we are ‘trying to save’. But, the idea of savings doesn’t need to be a big overwhelming hurdle or experience ; don’t think of it as cutting the cost it is merely shaving the cost of lifestyle.   So what’s this got to do with a cup of coffee, coffee is an unconscious expense. Although it is a minor thing it can generally add to be a bigger expenditure.  So perhaps you need to ask yourself   


Does that takeaway coffee really taste better than the cup you could have made at home?  I know that for me – a cold coffee lover that answer is usually Yes – it is so much better!!  But, how much of $ figure would I put on that?  Perhaps it would taste even better If it wasn’t a daily occurrence or perhaps a simple less often would do the trick.  It certainly would make my savings have a kick.

 So I know that people are thinking yea for the small price of a coffee it’s not worth it. On some days they would be right the taste or the kick from a coffee is priceless (not really merely the effect of the coffee is) .  But if I told you that on average a coffee can cost $5, that means if you bought a coffee every day that you would spend around $35 a week or $150 s month.  That’s if you purchased one coffee a day – maybe you have more than a coffee a day ? maybe you purchase less?  

  Don’t believe the savings then watch daytime television,   you will see insurance adds and general infomercials or some shopping channels, many advertising for the cost of less than a coffee a day !!  WOW what a bargain, but now knowing the above the cost of a coffee a day can add up and like all businesses they don’t function for free.  So if they can make money from the low price of a ‘cup of coffee a day’ then you can certainly save money from not getting a cup of coffee a day.

 This Blog is offering little advice, nor does it endorse the drinking of coffee or other caffeine heightened drinks.  This blog also is not to intend to offend or ultimately alter lifestyle choices it has been written merely for a thought to the mind.   



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